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Join the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders roster for internationale surge deployments

Datum: 5-aug-2022

Plaats: Internationaal, BE

Bedrijf: Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen


An international emergency

A devastating earthquake. A sudden flood. When disasters strike, time stands still. The local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society immediately takes action. Sometimes, however, when the disaster is of such a scale, the assistance of external partners is necessary. Under the coordination of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, this assistance can take the form of deployment of Emergency Response Units or Rapid Response personnel.

The Benelux Relief Emergency Response Unit

At the request of the local National Society, the Benelux Relief Emergency Response Unit (ERU) will provide the necessary equipment and trained volunteers for immediate relief within 48 hours. Our ERU is facilitated in collaboration with the Croix Rouge de Belgique – Communauté francophone, the Netherlands Red Cross and the Luxembourg Red Cross, and is specialized in supporting the local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in the distribution of emergency relief goods, cash and/or information to the affected population (more info: IFRC GO - Deployments).

Rapid Response personnel

Alternatively, rapid response personnel can sometimes be deployed to support a National Society’s own rapid response system. Upon request of the local National Society, this system deploys individuals with a specific expertise that meets the needs of the National Society to respond to a crisis (more info: Core Competency Framework for Surge Personnel | IFRC).


How do you support us concretely?

As an ERU member/ Rapid Response personnel:

  • You assist in the selection and digital registration of people eligible for emergency relief.
  • You help in the preparation of the distributions: you manage the planning, arrange a suitable distribution place and you are in charge of the coordination with the logistic unit.
  • You are present during distributions to ensure that beneficiaries and volunteers with questions receive the necessary support.
  • You set up and maintain a well-functioning database that collects all distribution-related data.
  • You will guide and train the local Red Cross or Red Crescent volunteers in any of the above aspects.
  • When not on deployment, you are occasionally available for short presentations on your work for the ERU/Rapid Response.

Jouw profiel

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are available for deployments for a period of minimum 8 weeks a year and this for a period of at least 3 years in total, in an ERU or Rapid response deployment.
  • You have strong IT skills, you have a proficiency in Excel and Smartphone applications.
  • You have strong planning and organizational skills
  • You have an experience in complex emergency settings
  • Show a strong inter-cultural awareness.
  • Experience in one of following relief profiles is considered an asset: Community Engagement and Accountability, Cash and Voucher Assistance, Information Management, Non-Food Item distributions, Protection Gender and Inclusion.
  • You speak English fluently. Working knowledge of French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or other languages is an asset.
  • You can deal with stressful situations, you are in good health and emotionally resilient.
  • You have no criminal record.

Ons aanbod

How do we support you?

  • Multiple short-term deployments worldwide where your presence can make a difference.
  • A one-week starter training and yearly opportunities for refreshment courses.
  • A fair remuneration during time of deployment.
  • An assurance during all your activities for the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

Become a part of our humanitarian movement!

Register and send your resume and motivation letter before August 20th 2022 to   together with written approval by your direct manager in which you are granted the required availability for deployment, or comparable proof of availability. Include contact details.

Please note we are looking for a limited number of profiles. If you are selected, you will be invited for excel/language tests and a personal interview. The interviews are scheduled to take place in the week of Sept 12th 2022.

Participation in the basic ERU training is compulsory and scheduled from Saturday the 3th of December to Sunday 11th of December 2022 in Westmalle, Belgium. Travel costs made in order to attend the mandatory training from outside the Benelux are not remunerated.

Plaats van tewerkstelling

  • Internationaal